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SKIN CELL REGENERATION Professional body care

SKIN CELL REGENERATION cosmetics enhance and extend the results of cosmetic treatments.

Regenerating Salt Body Scrub
Natural salt crystals stimulate microcirculation, promoting proper oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues. The concentrated MULTI ACIDS complex composed of alpha hydroxy acids sloughs off dead epidermal cells and boosts skin’s self-renewal. As a result, skin becomes stronger, tighter and smoother. It is intensely hydrated, and its elasticity and firmness are enhanced.

Regenerating Body Mask
The mask contains a multi-dimensional tissue repair stimulating system which boosts the self-renewal capacity of the skin. Its unique active ingredient, the extract of the brown macroalgae of wakame species, enhances skin structure by activating the genes which control the synthesis and cross-linking of collagen and elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid. By stimulating and strengthening the network of these three macromolecules, the formula adds firmness and elasticity to your skin. The Into-CELL complex contained in special carriers enhances the results of the natural renewal by stimulating microcirculation in the tissues to improve nutrient supply and promote tissue regeneration. L-carnitine boosts lipolysis, promoting fat tissue reduction and body sculpting.

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