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AMBER ACID 30% PEEL FORMULA – exfoliating treatment

Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. It has excellent exfoliating properties and is a potent biostimulator.

It is involved in the biochemical cycle leading to the formation of ATP – the energy units necessary for proper functioning of cells. It promotes intense regeneration and stimulates natural renewal processes of the epidermis. An effective antioxidant, it slows down skin aging.

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RICH PEPTIDE intense rejuvenating & lifting treatment

Skin aging is a part of life, but age is not what determines the condition and look of your skin; the right skin care is.

RICH PEPTIDE LIFTING is a unique broad-spectrum rejuvenating & lifting treatment inspired by aesthetic medicine. The treatment is based on the professional products from the line Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL and can be combined with the cutting edge technologies offered by Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System. The treatment helps to redefine the facial contour, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, and improves skin suppleness and density.

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