ALGAE TOTAL EFFECT - total algae regeneration

A treatment for people with the skin that requires regeneration, moisturization and revitalization irrespective of an age.

The main stages of the treatment are:

A total salt lipid peeling perfectly cleanses the skin and prepares it for the next stages of the treatment. Tiny grains of salt remove the dead epidermis, thanks to which the skin regains its healthy colour. Preparations put on at further stages of the treatment are better absorbed.

Total regeneration. A modeling-regenerating algae mask has a multi moisturizing, firming, regenerating and revitilizing activities. Innovative extracts from pearls and the purple orchid effectively stop harmful free radical reactions, strengthen the skin structures and improve its lifting and elasticity. The skin regains its condition and radiant appearance.

Total relaxation. A massage of the body activates natural skin restoration and regeneration as well as strengthens the activity of preparations. Relaxing elements that are present at every stage of the treatment and aromatherapy allow for a full feeling of rest and relaxation.

Effects of the treatment were proven by in vivo research in the Laboratories of Dr Irena Eris:

• skin regeneration and smoothing

• moisturization

• skin firmness and improvement of its tension

• lipid deficiency replenishment

• clear improvement of the skin condition and colour

• deep relaxation and rest