COLLAGENE MESO - TECHNOLOGIES - intensive stimulating and repair treatment

The treatment involves a stimulating-regenerating activity of collagen that is intensified by ultrasounds and stimulation with micro needle rollers.

ULTRASOUNDS used in the treatment make a unique system of penetration through the epidermis. They strengthen the collagen activity and enable active substances to reach deep layers of the skin. By a deep micro massage, the ultrasounds improve blood and lymph circulation as well as regeneration of cells.

The technology of skin stimulation with the use of MICRO NEEDLE ROLLERS of the latest generation ensures spectacular effects. It stimulates the skin to rebuild tissues and increases the amount of collagen in the skin. It naturally and safely stimulates collagen fibres to regenerate as well as eases effective transport of active substances deep into the skin.

Effects of the treatment: confirmed by research done in the Laboratories of Dr Irena Eris:

• a visible improvement of the skin appearance

• reduction of the number and depth of wrinkles

• intensive and long-lasting moisturization

• firming and smoothing of the skin

• stimulation of the skin to rejuvenate

*confirmed by research done in the Laboratories of Dr Irena Eris.

The treatment is possible in a few ways. The cost of the treatment is from 250 PLN to 535 PLN

The cost of the micro needle roller – 180,00 PLN is added for the first treatment.