MEZO-VOLUMERIC – anti-wrinkle moisturizing hyaluronic therapy - NEEDLE-FREE MESOTHERAPY

A natural effect of ageing is appearance of wrinkles and diminishing of the skin elasticity. The production of collagen fibres and elastin reduces, natural processes of hydration of the skin cells are disturbed.

NEEDLE-FREE MESOTHERAPY is a breakthrough, non-invasive method of inserting active substances into deep layers of the skin with the use of microcurrents. It is an alternative to the classic needle mesotherapy made by dermatologists. It may be a supplement of esthetic medicine treatments.

HYALURONIC REGENERATION. Active ingredients of HYALURONIC CONCENTRATE penetrate deep layers of the skin stimulating it to regenerate.

HYALURONIC MOISTURIZATION. Owing to its hygroscopic properties, HYALURONIC ACID (an acid molecule sets even 250 times more water molecules than it weighs itself) moisturizes the skin deep and for a long time as well as restores its elasticity.