Vitamins are valuable ingredients used in modern cosmetology. Contained in formulations in adequate forms and concentrations, they effectively prevent negative processes in the skin. They favourably affect both its health and appearance.

Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL VITAMIN MESO-CONCENTRATE used in the treatment is an innovative formulation containing carefully selected vitamins which are essential for a healthy skin. Vitamin C, which stimulates the synthesis of fibre-forming collagen proteins and prevents their degradation, makes skin tighter and more elastic. Its effect is enhanced by vitamin A, which increases the rate of epidermal cell renewal, lightens hyperpigmentation and improves skin tone. Folic acid, which is a B vitamin with strong regenerative properties, protects the DNA of skin cells from damage caused by UV radiation. Vitamin E scavenges excess free radicals, reducing and inhibiting the skin ageing process. Vitamins F and H play a major role in epidermal lipid metabolism.


The ULTRASOUND technology applied in the treatment provides a unique system of transepidermal penetration. It supports the delivery of nutrients into the skin, while the deep micromassage improves blood and lymph circulation and tissue regeneration. The skin stimulation technology using MICRONEEDLE ROLLERS of the latest generation provides spectacular results. It stimulates the skin to rebuild itself and facilitates the effective transport of active substances deep into the skin.