OPTI VOLUMERIC – hyaluronic anti-wrinkle and revitalizing eye treatment

The treatment combines innovative PROSYSTEM PROFESIONAL formulas with state-of-the-art ultrasound devices and IONTO ICE & HEAT. HYALURONIC CONCENTRATE. An i nnovative formula with proven results which effectively regenerates delicate skin around the eyes.

ULTRASOUNDS Thanks to ultrasounds, hyaluronic acid penetrates directly into the wrinkles and eliminates tchem effectively. The acid firms up and hydrates the skin, whilst also visibly improving its elasticity.

IONTO ICE & HEAT Heat emitted from the device head enhances the effects of cosmetic formulas used on the skin. Thanks to a cold impulse, the capillaries naturally contract for a short period of time, which improves circulation and reduces shadows and puffiness under the eyes.