RETINOL&GLYCOL 40% stimulation and rejuvenation, treatment for the face, neck and eyes

A complex and an intensive treatment effectively peeling the cornified layer of the epidermis and, at the same time, strongly stimulating the skin to regenerate. The effect of the treatment is a rejuvenated skin on the face, neck and on delicate areas around the eyes.

GLICOL ACID – glicol acid molecules penetrate deep the cornified layer of the epidermis making it peal better and more intensively, which in effect makes the skin regenerate as well as helps other active substances infiltrate.

RETINOL – stimulates production of skin supporting albumin – collagen and elastin. The skin becomes largely firmer and more flexible. Small wrinkles vanish, deep and mimic wrinkles become shallow.

The treatment effects are proven by research in Dr Irena Eris Laboratories:

* reduction of wrinkles visibility

* skin moisturizing and firming

* skin smoothing

* skin colour improvement

* stimulation of regeneration processes in the skin