A treatment designed for the skin which needs intense hydration, revitalization and toxin removal. It has a strong relaxing and smoothing effect. Active ingredients sourced from the depths of the seas and oceans are delivered into the skin cells to improve skin elasticity and firmness, boost vitality, and replenish minerals and nutrients.

Silky Sea Palm Extract derived from a select species of brown algae provides the skin with amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids, stimulating its multi-level renewal and regeneration. Famous for its exceptional purity and high mineral content, sea water from the island of Noirmoutier additionally strengthens and moisturizes the skin, enhancing its elasticity. Calcareous coralline algae rich in magnesium and potassium help to maintain hydro-lipid balance, binding moisture in the deep skin layers.


skin regeneration and smoothing

skin hydration

replenished lipids

firmer skin with improved tightness

visibly enhanced condition and tone of the skin

relaxation and relief

*confirmed by tests conducted at the Application Research Laboratory at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research after 1 treatment, with 100% subjects reporting the results