SLIM mezo-EFFECT – slimming & sculpting technology with phytohormones

Most women face the problem of cellulite and excess fat tissue. A successful fight with excess fat deposits and cellulite requires a comprehensive approach to body care combined with physical exercise and a change of eating habits. The treatment SLIM mezzo EFFECT – a slimming and sculpting technology with phytohormones employs phytohormones and enhances their effect with ultrasounds or skin stimulation with special microneedle rollers. Phytohormones derived from plant extracts of Centella asiatica and Dioscorea villosa boost metabolism and enzymatic fat burning. What is more, plant substances with oestrogenic properties stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthening the skin structure and making it firmer and more elastic. Skin stimulation with special microneedle rollers is an innovative solution for transdermal delivery of active ingredients into the skin and activation of the natural regeneration and stimulation mechanisms which are crucial in combating cellulite and localized fat deposits. Ultrasounds enhance the effect of phytohormones, improve lymph circulation and stimulate metabolism and cell regeneration. A series of treatment sessions is recommended to achieve optimum results.

Results of the treat ment :

• local slimming

• skin firming

• minimized appearance of cellulite

• smoother and tighter skin