ULTRA LIFTING- facial treatment with triple-active retinol

The first stage of the treatment involves Refining and Lifting Massage or Dr Irena Eris Signature Massage combined with the application of 3-ACTIVE RETINOL serum. The innovative complex contains three active forms of vitamin A: retinol, the ester of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), and the extract of blue algae (cyanophycea) which is a plant equivalent of vitamin A. 3-ACTIVE RETINOL improves skin structure by stimulating the synthesis of the proteins (collagen and elastin) which support the skin and are responsible for its elasticity. It has a versatile effect on the skin. The active ingredients of the complex are released into the skin non-simultaneously: the continuous and prolonged release ensures an instant and potent anti-ageing effect. The innovative massage was developed by experts from Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes. It combines the classical massage techniques with elements of lymphatic drainage and the stimulation of energy points. The massage improves blood circulation, makes the skin firmer, end ensures comfort and deep relaxation.

The next stage of the treatment involves intense redefinition of the facial contour. LIFTING&FILLER Cream and a special MODELING MASK are applied directly to the skin.

LIFTING&FILLER Cream contains an innovative HIALU-LIFT EXPRESS complex which has a smoothing and lifting effect on the skin. It effectively produces a long-lasting skin tightening effect. HIALU-LIFT EXPRESS complex is based on two active ingredients. MODELING MASK gently warms up the skin, stimulating blood circulation and boosting skin regeneration. The mask intensely redefines the facial contour, as it boosts and improves the absorption of other products used during the treatment, enhancing the effect of their active ingredients. The warmth ensures enjoyable muscle relaxation. To intensify the relaxing effect, hand and head massage is performed while the mask is on. After the mask is removed, the treatment ends with a special rite of relaxation.

The treatment leaves the skin more elastic, visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin density.