VITAMIN C 30% – bio-regeneration and revitalization for the face, neck and eye area

Vitamin C 30% is a complex regenerating and revitalizing treatment which visibly improves the skin colour, intensively moisturizes and smoothes, minimizes wrinkles visibility, stimulates regeneration processes in the skin. The treatment was made in cooperation with the Laboratories of Dr Irena Eris.

30% VITAMIN C Bio-regeneration

• exfoliation and refreshment of the skin

• lightening

• intensive moisturization

• stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen

• stimulation of cellular regeneration of the epidermis

Revitalization – Dr Irena Eris Genuine Massage Lightening Mask

• strengthening of collagen fibres

• antioxidant protection

• lipids deficiency replenishment, skin nourisment

• smoothing of the skin

Effects of the Vitamin C 30% treatment are proven by in vivo research in the Laboratories of Dr Irena Eris: the effect of skin rejuvenation, elasticity improvement of the skin, minimization of wrinkles visibility.

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