CAPILL-AGE FORMULA Multifunctional Corrective Face Cream Day 866

CAPILL-AGE FORMULA Multifunctional Corrective Face Cream Day 866

The unique cream formula focused on care of skin with problems of dilated blood vessels, effectively corrects redness while providing a perfect complexion. 

  • Capacity: 15 ml
  • Price: 169.00 zł

The advanced SOFT FOCUS technology, which uses interaction with light, creates a delicate film on the skin evenly dispersing light and optically eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Strengthening of blood vessels’ walls and their protection against further damage is provided by an optimal dose of diosmin, which improves their tightness and reduces sensitivity to negative external factors. Extract from red vine leaves with strong antioxidant properties, thanks to the content of bioflavonoids, protects the skin against the effects of premature aging. Optimal hydration is provided by a natural moisturizing substance with very strong hygroscopic properties, effectively improving the elasticity and softness of the epidermis. Light texture facilitates application and leaves a comfortable feeling on the skin.


  • reduced visibility of redness – 93%
  • even skin tone – 85%
  • reduced visibility of capillaries – 81%
  • velvety and smooth skin

*research at Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research


Unless the cosmetologist recommends otherwise, we suggest using the cream after applying the usual day cream. Carefully apply the product to red areas and gently patwith fingertips. Finish with the usual fluid.