CAPILL-AGE FORMULA Regenerating Strengthening Cream Around the Eyes and Mouth Day / Night 854

CAPILL-AGE FORMULA Regenerating Strengthening Cream Around the Eyes and Mouth Day / Night 854

The concentrated formula of the cream contains a unique combination of active substances, ensuring comprehensive regeneration and renewal of the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth.

  • Capacity: 15 ml
  • Price: 185.00 zł

A  combination of soya and rice proteins as well as biotechnological yeast peptide strengthens the collagen and elastin mesh, improving blood microcirculation, which leads to visible lightening of shadows and swelling under the eyes. The advanced SKINFILL-UP complex, stimulating adipocyte maturation, stimulates the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous fat, yielding the effect of so-called wrinkle lipofilling. Thanks to strong revitalization of skin structures, wrinkles around the eyes area smoothed out and the skin regains its natural  glow. Cell protection against genotoxic effects of UV radiation is provided by the innovative JV-Peptide, which has photoprotective action. By simultaneously reactivating natural repair processes, it removes DNA damage resulting from cellular aging. Vitamin E, which is gradually released during application, protects the skin against free radicals thus inhibiting the aging process. Olive wax intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin which regains its hydro-lipid balance.


• reduced skin redness around the eyes by 15%
• lightened skin by 14%
• improved skin elasticity around the eyes in 83% of respondents
• reduced visibility of shadows under the eyes

*research at Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research


Unless the cosmetologist recommends otherwise, we suggest applying the cream in the morning and evening under the eyes, on the eyelids and around the mouth. Apply a small amount of cream to the treated area and pat in gently, then make three circular movements around the eyes. Make sure that the cream does not get into the conjunctival sac and on the eyeball. We recommend the same procedure around the mouth.