SKIN CELL REGENERATION Regenerating & Nourishing Body Mask 911

SKIN CELL REGENERATION Regenerating & Nourishing Body Mask 911

The innovativepreparation - SKIN CELL REGENRATION highlyconcentrated body mask, based on a multi-dimensional system of reconstruction of tissuerepairprocesses, stimulates the skin'sfunctions for autoregeneration.

  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Price: 167.00 zł

The unique ingredient - Wakamebrownmacroalgaextract, radicallyimproves skin texture by activatinggenesinvolved in the synthesis and cross-linking of collagenfibers, elastin and hyaluronicacid. By stimulating and strengthening the networks of thesethreemacromolecules, itleads to increasedfirmness and elasticity of the skin. The naturalregenerationeffectisstrengthened by the stimulatingInto-CELL Complex, enclosed in special media, whichpromotesbetternourishment and tissueregeneration by activatingtissuemicrocirculation. Itsactionmakes the skin firm and smooth. In addition, thanks to the presence of specialencapsulatedcaffeine, itprotects the skin againstoxidativestress and photoaging. Itsactionisfacilitated by L-Carnitine, whichaccelerateslipolysis, and thusimprovesadiposetissuereduction and body shaping. Additionally, CanolaOil, rich in EFAs as well as A, D, E vitamins and minerals, rebuilding the naturalprotectivefunction of the skin, activelylimits the process of waterloss. The combination of SheaButter and OliveWaxintensifies the nutritionaleffect.


  • strong skin regeneration - 89% of respondents*
  • improved skin elasticity - 79% of respondents*
  • skin nourishment - 89% of respondents*
  • increased skin hydration by 29%**
  • skin smoothing by 10%**
  • increasedfirmness

*In vivo study in Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Researchafter 2 weeks of maskuse
**Instrumentalmeasurements of skin parameters in the In Vivo ResearchLaboratory of Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research 3 hoursafter serum application

If the cosmetologistdoes not recommendotherwise, we suggestsystematicuse of the mask in the morning and eveningafterbath. Gentlymassage the productinto the skin, starting from the anklestowards the waist, then from the wriststowards the shoulders. For optimum results, beforeapplying a mask, we recommend to performfull body scrub 2-3 times per week, especially with the 912 SKIN CELL REGENERATION Regenerating Salt Body Scrub.