The formulas of the Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Professional skin care products are enriched with the revitalizing Provence rose hydrosol, certified eco-oil extracted from fresh Damask rose flowers and natural wild Chilean rose seed oil.

OIL EXTRACTS OF 7 FLOWERS promote quick skin revitalization;

ECO-OIL FROM FRESH DAMASK ROSE FLOWERS has a soothing and anti-radical effect;

NATURAL CHILEAN ROSE SEED OIL is rich in PUFAs which repair and smooth out the skin;

PROVENCE ROSE HYDROSOL imparts a subtle fragrance of Provence rose flower water rich in flavonoids, vitamin C and mineral salts. It tones up the skin, improving its elasticity. It reduces signs of stress and fatigue.

Indications for the treatment: for skin in need of smoothness; for skin in need of improved smoothness, hydration and revitalization; the treatment is recommended for all ages.


Treatment results*:

skin regeneration and smoothing

skin hydration

replenished skin lipids

firmer skin with improved tightness

visibly enhanced condition and tone of the skin

relaxation and relief

*results of tests performed at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research