The treatment begins with a scrub which perfectly cleanses the skin and prepares it for further beauty steps.

ALGAE GENE ACTIVATION follows. GENE ACTIVE concentrate is applied onto the skin, containing a special PRO-BODY-INTELLI-GEN complex which regulates the expression of over 20 genes.

Next, a MASSAGE or LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE is performed, depending on indications. The massage works deeply on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, improving the flow of blood and lymph, intensifying skin nourishment and oxygenation, as well as eliminating signs of stress and providing relaxation. The treatment is completed with a special body mask with algae extract, L-carnitine and caffeine. The mask makes your skin smoother and intensely boosts its firmness. Its effects may be intensified by BODY WRAPPING, which slims he body, reduces cellulite and firms up the skin.