During the procedure the collagen concentrate is applied. The collagen concentrate supplies the skin with proper elasticity and smoothes it significantly and perfectly firms and rejuvenates it. Then a special massage of the bust and décolleté are made with the use of the classical massage techniques with particular emphasis on the pectoral muscles. The next step involes putting a thermo active mask which improves the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the formulations previously used – it lifts and stimulates microcirculation and mainly models the bust. At the end of the treatment a regenerating creamy mask with extracts of pearl and purple orchid is applied. The mask strengthens the structure of the skin giving it a silky touch as well as softens and smoothes it.

The effects of the treatment confirmed by research at the Laboratories of Dr. Irena Eris:

  • lifting and firming of the bust and décolleté skin
  • improvement of the skin tension
  • intense moisturizing
  • smoothing and regeneration of the skin

In order to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the treatment, we recommend: Bio-Serum bust care Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE.