The technology, which offers superior technical parameters, uses a specially profiled head to ensure safe and effective application of an ultrasonic wave with an intensity of up to 1.5 W/cm2.

Ultrasonic remodeling allows for precise operation within the treatment area by directly focusing the ultrasound beam in the center of the head unit.

The technology – delivered in a highly specialized manner – penetrates deeper into the skin and increases the permeability of intercellular cement. In this way, it greatly improves the penetration of active ingredients in Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL products.

By applying the technology, a focused ultrasonic beam intensively stimulates cellular metabolism, delivering intra-tissue “micromassage”.

The treatment also stimulates the metabolism of adipocytes (fat cells) in the chin region, helping to reduce the double chin effect.

The technology is highly effective in facial contouring and redefining the oval of the face, while maintaining safety for the client.

Treatments based on this technology are recommended for people with reduced skin elasticity, who require active support of hi-tech solutions in their skin care.

The treatment intensely restores skin structure and improves the face oval contour, thus improving skin tightness and elasticity.