ACTIVE BIO-REGENERATION regenerating bio-treatment with microneedle mesotherapy

Collagen is the key building block and a major structural protein for the skin. It is also one of its most important components, forming from 70 to 80% of the skin layer. Collagen provides the skin with adequate tightness, suppleness and elasticity. Its level decreases with age, which leads to problems such as wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity. ACTIVE BIO-REGENERATION, a regenerating bio-treatment with microneedle mesotherapy performed with the use of a state-of-the-art MICRONEEDLING PEN, stimulates the skin's self-repair process, producing a visible rejuvenating effect.


  • visible improvement of skin tone and appearance reported by 100% of subjects
  • skin firmer by 36%
  • hydration and smoothness of skin improved by 36%
  • number of wrinkles reduced by 31%
  • size of wrinkles reduced by 14%
  • improved dermal cross-linking
  • skin biological age reduced by up to 10 years


The treatment is available at selected locations:

Kielce, ul. Paderewskiego 34/6

Toruń, ul. Szosa Chełmińska 166

Warszawa, ul. Freta 41/43

Warszawa, al. Jana Pawła II 20

Warszawa, ul. Grójecka 68

Warszawa, CH Promenada, ul. Ostrobramska 75C

Warszawa, ul. Puławska 136

Wrocław, ul. Krawiecka 3