An innovative combination of probiotic and polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) enclosed in mesospheres creates a hybrid system of deep moisturization with unique technology of transepidermal transport. It causes 4 times greater ability to bind water molecules compared to hyaluronic acid. Also strengthens the immune system and improves the skin's barrier function to external factors. After just one treatment the skin becomes smooth and deeply hydrated, which was confirmed by 100% of satisfied customers right after the treatment.

Professional care in beauty salon is offered with the possibility of use of Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System modern technologies. Depending on indications, the AQUA IDEALINE treatment is offered with a selected Hi-Tech technology: SONOPHORESIS, NEEDLE-FREE MESOTHERAPY or OXYGEN INFUSION.


SPECTACULAR EFFECTS after just one treatment*

• intensely hydrated skin - 100%

• smoothed skin - 100%

• healthier looking skin - 100%

• even skin tone - 100%

• reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles - 67%

• clear refreshment and a feeling of invigorated skin


* results of research carried out at the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research