The treatment is based on professional products from the line Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL and can be combined with the cutting edge technologies offered by Hi-Tech.. 

The treatment employs POLYCAPROLACTONE, which is an active ingredient used in aesthetic medicine to protect the skin from the signs of time and aging. The treatment is dedicated to mature skin with prominent wrinkles and a loss of definition in the oval of the face. It has an intense smoothing and remodelling effect on the skin. POLYCAPROLACTONE (PCL) is an active ingredient which provides multi-dimensional wrinkle filling, lifting and instant bio-remodelling effects.

PCL is commonly used as a filler in aesthetic medicine to restore facial volume and redefine the oval of the face. It stimulates the natural synthesis of the skin’s supporting fibres, thereby reducing static wrinkles. It acts as a tissue bio-stimulator that initiates multi-level renewal processes. It restores youthful skin.

Depending on indications, the ART of LIFTING treatment can be modified to incorporate NEEDLE-FREE MESOTHERAPY or RADIOFREQUENCY – RF BIOLASER and ULTRASONIC REMODELLING.


SPECTACULAR RESULTS with just one treatment!*:

• smoother and well hydrated skin in 100% of test subjects

• reduction of the nasolabial fold by 85 μm

• redefined oval of the face in 67% of test subjects

• skin tightness and firmness improved by 67%

• skin structure improved by 48%

• wrinkles reduced by 40%