The HPS1 complex used in Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL preparations, thanks to the optimal content of hesperidin and diosmin, strengthens and protects the walls of blood vessels and reduces sensitivity to negative external factors. In addition, the combination of active ingredients with filling and lifting action, stimulates the natural processes of reconstruction and regeneration of deep skin structures, yielding the effect of so-called wrinkle lipofilling.

The innovative formula of active substances intensively conditions the skin during each stage of treatment, and the synergy of applied Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL preparations finally ensures even tone, smoothing and visual illumination of the skin. 

Depending on indications, CAPILL-AGE FORMULA treatment is proposed with a selected Hi-Tech technology: SONOPHORESIS | NEEDLELESS MESOTHERAPY ION THERAPY | OXYGEN INFUSION


SPECTACULAR EFFECTS after just one treatment!*

• smooth and moisturized skin in 100% of respondents

• firm and regenerated skin in 67% of respondents

• wrinkle reduction in 67% of respondents

• reduced visibility of capillaries by 54%

• reduced visibility of erythema by 48%

* research at the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research