The formula of natural anti-aging biostimulants in the innovative SpilanRetic-1 and SpilanRetic-2 complexes tightens and revitalizes the skin after just one treatment session. The innovative combination of Spilanthol with natural Retinal gives the effect of immediate rejuvenation and optical smoothing of facial wrinkles. The complexes actively influence multi-level regeneration and biomimetic skin lifting.

The professional ESTHETIC OF BEAUTY care is complemented by original modeling facial massage using Dr Irena Eris V-Contour Up massagers.


100% of respondents confirm SPECTACULAR EFFECTS after just one treatment*

• distinct smoothing of the skin

• visible skin lifting effect

• reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

• improved skin firmness and elasticity


*Results of in vivo tests conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research