The treatment begins with a scrub which perfectly cleanses the skin and prepares it for further beauty steps.

ALGAE GENE ACTIVATION follows. A gel concentrate ACTIVATOR is applied onto selected parts of the skin, containing a special PRO-INTELLI-GEN complex which regulates the expression of over 20 genes. Its effects are enhanced by ultrasonic waves which push active ingredients deeper into the skin and improve tissue metabolism and regeneration through deep micromassage.

Next, a STIMULATING FACE MASSAGE is performed – either DR IRENA ERIS SIGNATURE MASSAGE or our very own LIFTING MASSAGE, depending on indications. Massage naturally stimulates the skin, reduces signs of aging, improves facial contour and eliminates signs of stress. It is an effective method to improve the look of your face.

The treatment concludes with a CARBO-THERAPY mask which lifts, revitalizes and leaves a protective film on the skin to protect against harmful external factors.