The key ingredient of the PROSYSTEM products used in the treatment is specially selected active collagen. It performs a supportive function in the skin and provides it with proper suppleness, elasticity and tone, leaving it smooth to the touch. Owing to its unusual water-binding properties it maintains skin tissue moisture on the highest level. Its action is intensified by green algae extract that maintains water in the epidermis by stimulating the production of protective lipids. The treatment is available in three versions:


The technology of skin stimulation with micro-needlerollers induces the skin to rebuild itself and increases the collagen level in the skin. Moreover, it naturally and safely stimulates collagen fibres to regenerate and facilitates the effective transport of active substances deep into the skin.


The ultrasound technology used in the treatment boosts the penetration of the active ingredients into deep skin layers. Moreover, through micromassage it enhances cell regeneration. As a result, the skin is left perfectly smooth and wrinkles become less visible.


The heat from the head boosts the action of the products used in the treatment. The cold impulse causes a short natural vessel contraction, thus improving circulation, and reducing dark circles and swelling under the eyes.