Even during a short 45-minute treatment session the skin regains its healthy color, smoothness and elasticity. At the client's request, the treatment can be performed in a longer variant with additional cocoon body wrap and Mineral Mud Mask applied to the skin. Additional effect of regeneration and relaxation is enhanced by a relaxing massage performed during the treatment.

The course of treatment in active phases:

• PEELING WITH WARM MINERAL MUD MASK (with the option of extending this stage of skincare)


• BODY SERUM-MASK with algae rich in macro and microelements



Treatment price:

• with cosmetic massage - 210 zł (45 min.)

• with classic massage - 270 zł (75 min.)

Additionally, at the customer's request:

• with cocoon body wrap and cosmetic massage - 350 zł (1.5 h)

• with cocoon body wrap and classic massage - 410 zł (2 h)