The gained heat, dermo-relaxation and psycho-physical relief after applying a modeling plaster mask make the treatment an alternative to classic facial massage. To complement the effect of tension and smoothing the skin, the treatment closes the massage stage with a cool Hi-Tech head. By combining two types of thermal effects on the skin, the treatment indirectly improves the function of blood vessels and facilitates blood circulation, contributing to its better oxygenation and regeneration. The treatment is recommended as a one-off or in a series.


Indications for treatment:

• anti-aging prophylaxis

• mature skin with signs of aging

• skin with reduced elasticity

• dry skin that requires deep regeneration


Effects of treatment:

• nutrition and deep hydration of the skin

• reduction in the number and visibility of wrinkles

• improvement of skin tension and smoothness

• improvement of the face oval

• deep skin regeneration